VPLanet has been developed by a team of scientists with a broad range of expertise. The following list give the names and contributions of all developers.

Rory Barnes is the lead developer who conceived the project, implemented the matrices and vectors of function pointers, designed the I/O scheme, and maintains this repository. He also wrote most of the top-level files, such as vplanet.h, control.c, etc. He also developed EqTide and RadHeat. He can be reached at

Russell Deitrick developed the DistOrb, DistRot, GalHabit and POISE modules, as well as VSPACE.

Rodrigo Luger developed the AtmEsc and STELLAR modules, as well as the accompanying VPLOT resource. He also designed this repository, including setting up the continuous integration and documentation.

David Fleming developed the BINARY module and has contributed to STELLAR, AtmEsc, and EqTide. He also wrote the first version ofBigPlanet.

Hayden Smotherman developed SpiNBody and has contributed to various subroutines that have significantly increased the efficiency of the executable. He also added OpenMP functionality for multithreading.

Peter Driscoll developed the ThermInt module, contributed to RadHeat, and connected them both to EqTide.

Patrick Barth developed the MagmOc module. He also assisted in AtmEsc development.

Laura Amaral developed the FLARE module and contributed to AtmEsc.

Thomas Quinn assisted in the development of DistOrb, DistRot, and GalHabit. He also found many bugs with valgrind and address-sanitizer.

Caitlyn Wilhelm added forced eccentricity and obliquity oscillations to POISE, and assisted in debugging it. She also built the BigPlanet and MultiPlanet scripts.

Rodolfo Garcia assisted in AtmEsc and ThermInt development.

Ludmila Carone assisted in the development of the MagmOc module.

Billy Quarles enabled POISE to read in previously computed orbital and rotational data.

Pramod Gupta ported VPLanet to Windows 10.

Diego McDonald added the Lehmer-Catling model to AtmEsc.

Benjamin Guyer assisted in the coupling of EqTide and ThermInt.

Lyan Guez contributed to the development of the mpstatus script.