Hydrogen Envelope Loss on Tidally Evolving Planets


Many planets on short-period orbits experience tidal effects and atmospheric escape simultaneously. This example demonstrates this coupling for planets with a hydrogen envelope. Currently, only the CPL tidal model works for this process.




Rory Barnes


AtmEsc EqTide

Approx. runtime

5 seconds

To run this example

python makeplot.py <pdf | png>

Expected output


Evolution of planets losing a hydrogen envelope, as modeled by Lopez et al. (2012), while tidally evolving according to the CPL model. In this case, H loss can proceed via Roche lobe overflow (Bondi-limited escape), radiation-recombination-limited escape, or energy-limited escape. The “Auto” mode self-consistently tracks escape through these regimes, see AtmEscRegimes for more details. Note that the escape efficiency parameter has been set artificially large (0.99) to reveal some mass loss over 1 Myr. The .in files for this figure are in the Lopez12CPL directory.