Tidal Evolution of Earth-like Exoplanet


Internal and orbital evolution of Earth if it experienced strong tidal distortion from its host star.




Peter Driscoll


RadHeat, ThermInt, EqTide

Approx. runtime

10 minutes

This example shows the thermal, magnetic, and orbital evolution of an Earth-like planet using ThermInt, RadHeat, and EqTide. Here we use the “orbit-only” tidal model, which is highly idealized. The interior model is 1-D and many free parameters have been tuned to match the modern Earth. This example reproduces the results of Driscoll & Barnes (2015). The generated figures should be compared to their Figures 4 and 5.

To run this example

python makeplot.py <pdf | png>

Expected output


Evolution of various properties of a tidally heated Earth-like planet. The initial eccentricity is 0.5, but the semi-major axis varies. The tidal model is very simplified and ignores rotational angular momentum.