Magma ocean evolution on GJ 1132 b


Thermal and volatile evolution of GJ 1132 b’s mantle and atmosphere during its magma ocean phase.




Patrick Barth

Planet name

GJ 1132 b

Initial water content

100 TO


AtmEsc, MagmOc, STELLAR

Approx. runtime

3 minutes

To run this example


Expected output


Evolution of various planetary parameters for the magma ocean evolution of GJ 1132 b with an initial water inventory that is 100 that of the modern Earth. The planet radiatively cools with VPLanet’s grey atmosphere model. Counter-clockwise from top left: Mantle and surface temperature; water masses in the different reservoirs; atmospheric pressures; atmospheric net cooling flux; melt fraction of the magma ocean (not including solidified mantle); mass fraction of water and Fe2O3 in the melt; oxygen mass in different reservoirs; solidification radius of the magma ocean.